ZUPPA EDGE is a ready to use System On Module(SOM) to which sensors can be directly integrated using the range of interfaces. Software layers can be built on the EDGE SOM that enable rapid deployment of Applications on the field.

The Edge platform has been optimized to address two specific emerging technologies :

  1. EDGE Vehicle Telematics(EVT) is a CANBUS enabled SOC manufactured using auto Grade components meeting Automotive Industry Standards AIS 140
  2. EDGE IoT(EIoT) has multiple usere selectable interfaces like Rs232, RS 485, SPI to enable connecting PLC's, HMI's as well as sensors for temperature, humidity, ultrasound etc to cloud resources for analytics."EDGE" is Zuppa's answer to deliver economies of scale to vehicle telematics and IoT at significantly low volumes and competer with mass produced Chinese products."EDGE" platforms exceptional unit economics is derived from the fact that ajority of the applications are software layers on top of it with the option of adding hardware layeres to it as Modules