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Vehicle Telematic Systems

ZUPPA  VeTrack  Vehicle Telematic Systems

New Age SMART Vehicle Telematic Systems  Configurable to Customers Needs .

Tracking Vehicles with a VTS is just the basic function of any Vehicle Telematics Systems  .

Telematics is a method of monitoring a vehicle live  by combining the GPS system with on-board Data with performance diagnostics to get to know more than just knowing where it is .

Customers today require more than just Live Locational data like Temperature , details of passengers on board , door/hatch  opening information and multiple similar information for better coordination and control .

ZUPPA VeTrack is a fully Made In India Complete Vehicle Telematics Systems that  does Just that for you it’s India’s Only fully  “ CONFIGURABLE “  Vehicle  .

ZUPPA Vehicle Telematics Plug & Play Systems

Monitoring Commercial Vehicles Operating Across the Country present unique Challenges for Financiers, Operators as well as Client apart from locating them like:

  • Monitoring  Passenger Safety especially School Children when in their busses
  • Tracking unauthorized Movements & Activities through Geo Fencing .
  • Immobilizing them remotely and safely .
  • Preventing Theft by getting intimations of Door Opening activities and locations
  • Plugging leaks & Controlling Operational costs .
  • Monitoring Utilization hence tracking Loan recovery capabilities


  • School Bus VTS systems with Geo Tagged Videos , RFID based Attendance , Bus Arrival and Departure alerts .
  • Cold Chain Applications for MILK Tankers and Other cold chain Vehicles by Monitoring Door/Hatch/Valve  Opening , Container Temperature ,Humidity to name a few
  • Motorcycle Monitoring for Delivery Executives of APP and Local Logistics Company’s and Expensive Personal Vehicles
  • Monitoring of High Value Transport Vehicles and Cash Vans for Electronically Shutting Cargo Bays and tracking every opening and closing activity