The Real Fight with COVID actually starts After Lockdown is Relaxed & Management of the Pandemic gets more complex.

Imagine the world as it emerges from the post Covid 19 lockdown when people start moving around. Norms like Social Distancing are bound to be diluted resulting in a far higher potential for the CORONA VIRUS to strike again.

Maximum vigilance and screening is essential for india at this point to fully defeat the Corona virus.

Zuppa Temp2Cloud - is a Bluetooth Dongle, when paired to any Mobile Phone converts it, into a handheld Thermal scanner at the click of a button on the Phone APP.

The App automatically links the QR code ID like Company TAG or Aadhar and the GPS location of the person screened, and uploads it directly to Secure servers or cloud base resources as required by the Client.
It creates a data base would facilitate further detailed analysis and much more, leading to data driven management of the Pandemic.

It creates Documentary Proof of daily screening that operating private organizations can share with authorities as compliance Data.

Ease of Deployment

  • It's as easy as using any APP on the SMARTPHONE.
  • It's low cost, ease of operations and mass deployment capabilities almost anywhere a SMARTPHONE can be used.
Minimum System Requirements for Enterprise solution

  • Operating System: Windows 7 & above.
  • RAM: 2GB
  • USB ports: 2 Numbers
  • 32bit / 64bit System