The Accupoint Network would provide correction data to the Zuppa Accupilot, It performs RTK (Real Time Kinematics) with a Maximum Accuracy of 14mm (CEP – x,y,z).These Stations can be Fixed Stations or Mobile Units which can Provide this accuracy as long as a GPRS Network is Available in the Area. The Zuppa AccuPoint RTK Station is Completely designed by Zuppa from Scratch and is specifically developed to withstand harsh Environments.

Each Zuppa AccuPoint System Is Powered by 230V/+12-24V Power Supply with an Internal backup for 22 Hours, providing 24x7 Operation of the network and ensuring Connected Mobility.

Designed and developed by ZUPPA:

Accuracy attained: 14 mm (CEP – X,Y,Z)

Power Source: 230 V power supply

Internal Back up: 22 hours