ZUPPA’s IoT Gateway adds value by logging data from sensor networks in real time or the periodicity defined by applications to provide big data for determining several insights. By deploying ZUPPA customized IoT Sensor Network, Big Data acquisition becomes easily accessible.

ZUPPA’s IoT Gateway based Instrumentation system provides panel level information for multiple farms at plant level by gathering crucial data in real time. Remote management and creating a central command centre to oversee operations at multiple sites can be managed through consolidated dashboards. This helps to drive high levels of transparency, reporting and efficiency in operations management - leading to lower costs and higher returns.

ZUPPA's IoT solution can add significant value to your installed base of solar panels by deploying ZUPPA’s customized IoT Sensor Network to track data and efficiency and provide access over the cloud.

  • Our IoT Gateway Device is AIS140 Standard.
  • IoT Device is mainly concerned with controlling and monitoring of devices through wireless access.
  • It can easily be adopted with PLC systems.
  • Using IoT device, we can able to track, control and monitoring the system.
  • Additional feature of this IoT device, it can be operated via OTA.
  • Real Time Monitoring of the PLC System which are present at inaccessible location.
  • History (Performance of PLC System) for one months can be obtained.