VTS Devices – What Are They?

By: Sree Sai - Oct 26, 2018

VTS devices are different from traditional Global Positioning Systems in that they also come with software that helps collect data on important vehicular parameters and fleet activity. This highly critical data on the different aspects of the vehicles functioning and operations of fleet staff help companies get a better idea of the areas of their service in which they are lacking in. Making changes to their fleet operations and vehicular management as per the data acquires will help them have a better return on investment.

The Rise of VTS Devices in Transportation

At ZUPPA IoT Solutions, our state-of-the-art VTS devices are specially designed for the purposes of tracking and monitoring the needs of fleets in a variety of different industries in real-time. Our VTS devices are suitable for private, public bus transportation provides, transportation buses of educational institutions, delivery fleets of e-commerce companies, etc. In general, VTS devices can be used by wide variety of industries in which the geographical range of their transportation/delivery vehicles is quite large and their primary objective includes the monitoring of vehicular behavior, configuring of best possible routes and tracking of the vehicle itself.

Types of VTS Devices

Although there are several variations of VTS devices offering different functions that have been developed across the world, VTS devices can be categorized into two types – active and passive devices. Passive devices store important data such as exact location, speed, triggers for door opening and closing, key on and off, the closing and opening of latches, etc. Upon the return of the vehicles, these devices are removed and the data is extracted for analysis. Active devices are different from their passive counterparts in that they relay the information directly to the fleet management/control team in real-time.

VTS Devices Guarantee Safety

Apart from their tracking and monitoring capabilities, VTS devices also offer improved safety to the fleets of organizations, by updating them with regular data on important vehicular parameters such as over-speeding, deviation from devised/planned routes, engine, battery, and other vehicular part problems, etc.

Contact ZUPPA IoT Solutions

The highly functional VTS devices manufactured by ZUPPA IoT solutions, make use of telematics, which aids in the real-time monitoring and tracking of vehicles, while also providing highly critical onboard data together with performance diagnostics. These performance diagnostics help fleet management personnel and engineers analyze the aspects of their vehicles that are not functioning to their full-capacity and make changes accordingly. Feel free to get in touch with us at ZUPPA IoT Solutions, for more information on our highly functional VTS devices, OBD2 GPS tracking systems, IIOT data gateway devices, and other solutions, anytime!

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