Vehicle Telematics : The Next Major Leap For The Automobile Industry

By: Sree Sai - Aug 10, 2018

Vehicle Telematics is the next major leap for the automobile industry . It is the first step towards fulfilment of the vision of Vehicle management in Smart Cities , connected vehicles , driver assisted semi automated and fully autonomous vehicles .

Gazette Notification

The Government of India vide the below Gazette Notification have mandated that all Public Vehicles ( Yellow Board ) to equipped with AIS 140 Compliant GPS Tracking Systems .

What is AIS 140 ? ( )

Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS 140) is a set of standards published by ARAI for vehicle tracking system, camera surveillance system, and emergency request button. This mandate is in line with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways notification dated 28th November 2016 .

The AIS 140 standard has been conceived around Certain key Pillars namely:

  • Safety of Passengers Smart
  • City integration Compatibility
  • Compatibility of Connected Vehicles
  • Data Driven Analytics for Logistics and Mass Transportation
Advantages of Standardized Vehicle Telematics Devices

Standardization of Vehicle Telematics Devices across the country will open the doors for integration of a range of SMART technologies to enhance efficiencies of Public transport , Logistics , Vehicle Services and Maintenance to name a few .

It is estimated that implementation of GST and the consequent reduction of Truck stoppages at Border Sales Tax Posts reduced the operating expenses for trucks in excess of 25% .

Hence Integration of Vehicle Tracking Systems with E Way Bills , Highway Toll Collection offers a huge potential to create an efficient transportation and logistics system that can significantly cut operational costs for transporters . Which would be a direct National Saving..


AIS 140 Vehicle Telematics Systems is the Way forward for enhancing operational efficiencies of Automobiles in future .

We have already seen a quantum jump in the integration of electronics in Automobiles over the past half a decade by way of infotainment , ECU , Vehicle Tracking to name a few .

The Trends indicate a further huge Jump in the use of electronics in automobiles going forward . Today the key differentiator between cars is largely the electronic features it offers , which was not the case a decade ago.

AIS 140 standards opens up a whole new horizon for the Automobile Industry by enabling integration of Electronic Sensor triggered Driver Assist and safety features .

ZUPPA VeTRACK AIS 140 Compliant VTS is a Contemporary fully designed and Made in India Vehicle Telematics System that is future ready for the automobile industry .

Think Before Buying a VTS for your Vehicle now , If its not AIS 140 Compliant you will have to buy a new one again by 1st April 2019

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