The Many Benefits Of School Bus VTS

By: Sree Sai - Nov 09, 2018

VTS devices for school buses are specifically designed for the seamless and safe functioning of school transportation systems. They aid the school administration, parents as well as students in tracking and monitoring students in a secure and non-intrusive manner. With the help of RFID technology, the problem of student identification can also be solved. All students have to do is carry a smart card that helps them log in their entry each time they board or deboard the bus. With a help of mobile or web-based applications that are synched with the VTS to obtain real-time data from the RFID system, parents can rest assured that their child has safely entered or exited the bus, through alerts that are sent to them.

All a student has to do is to carry the unique smart card that is issued to him/her. As the student passes through the scanner in the bus, the entry or exit is logged in and the data is immediately stored in a secure database as well as relayed in real-time to the school transport administrators as well as the concerned parents. This is a more cost-effective and accurate method of marking attendance and puts to rest any need for manual attendance taking. Instead, resources such as an extra attendee/conductor can be diverted to where they are needed – such as ensuring students exit and enter the bus safely by helping them crossroads and make their way through traffic.

Apart from real-time data on a students whereabouts, the VTS helps in that it provides crucial real-time data on the vehicle and driver themselves. With sensors monitoring every part of the vehicle such as engine, tire pressure, fuel consumption, etc, school administrators and transport in charges can avoid accidents caused by engine failures and malfunctioning of the vehicle parts. They can also optimize the way they operate by reducing costs incurred because of vehicle malfunctioning and failure of critical parts, by replacing or repairing the parts in question. VTS devices also help school transport authorities keep an eye on the driver’s performance and any misuse of the vehicle through the data that is collected on parameters such as over speeding, vehicle misuse, etc.

Another way in which safety is ensured is through the relaying of real-time location data of the school bus from the VTS. School transport authorities can instruct drivers to take alternate routes in case of excess traffic and bad weather conditions so that the children can reach their destinations safely.

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