Improving Passenger Safety Across in India By Government Mandate

By: Sree Sai - Dec 03, 2018

According to a 2011 census, women and girls comprised close to 50% of the country’s urban population and 84% of their travelling was through public and intermediate public modes of transport. Since then these numbers have grown drastically and the need for improved safety standards for women travelling by public transport in India has become more important than ever.

The Government of India announced in October 2018 that it has made it mandatory for all new public transport vehicles registered on or after 1st January 2019 to install vehicle location tracking devices as well as emergency buttons in them. The move has been taken by the government as a measure to improve the safety of passengers especially women.

The official also added that the manufacturers of these VLT devices would be assistive in terms of providing back-end services for monitoring. A major reason for the regulation being passed was to improve safety standards for travelling women. As far as older vehicles are concerned, the government hasn’t yet come up with a deadline for installation, but would do so soon, said the official.

State transport authorities in collaboration with local VLT manufacturers and other state-authorized agencies were assigned the task of setting up Command and Control Centers which would monitor all public transport vehicles. Command centres in every state would be relaying all the data collected to the centralized VAHAN database.

The details of every VLT device are to be uploaded to the VAHAN database by respective manufacturers using their secured and authenticated access. Either the manufacturers or the authorized dealers were tasked to install the VLT devices on new public service vehicles and register the devices along with the corresponding details of the vehicle on the back-end systems in real-time.

All owners of these new public transport vehicle are mandated to ensure that the VLT devices installed in their vehicles are in working condition and are able to regularly send the required data to the corresponding backend system. Manufacturers, on the other hand, will have to get their devices tested for conformity of production every year after the first certification from the testing agencies.

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