Implementing VTS for Taxis

By: Sree Sai - Nov 24, 2018

GPS systems are more common than ever. So much so that most vehicles these days have some variant of a GPS based navigation module installed in them. However, there are devices that also provide more than just the capability for tracking a vehicle. Such devices make use of a concept called OBD or onboard diagnostics. By extending the capabilities of traditional GPS systems to include onboard diagnostics, these modern GPS devices are able to provide crucial diagnostic data on all the parts of the vehicle itself. These devices are commonly referred to as VTS devices. They are the modern variant of GPS systems.

Normally accompanied by a smartphone application, these VTS devices offer the capability to keep track of the vehicle as well as other real-time data collection on the functioning of the vehicle. Some of the parameters that VTS devices collect data on include engine performance, fuel consumption, and tire pressure. Because of the provision to access this data via smartphone applications, those inside and outside the vehicle can have access to this critical data. Thus, in addition to drivers and others inside the vehicles, transport authorities and fleet administrators can have access to this data from remote locations, enabling them to make and relay quickly, decisions on traffic conditions, deteriorating weather conditions as well as urgent customer requirements to the drivers.

Earlier, only high-end cars used to feature such VTS devices. These days, because of the need for more efficient as well as safe and secure transport services, VTS devices are being used in everything from taxis to buses as well as cargo trucks and two-wheelers also. With the government of India having made it mandatory for all vehicles to have VTS devices installed on them by the 1st of December, 2018, the demand for VTS devices that are packed with features has become quite high. Considering the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road, it is in every taxi operator’s best interest to have VTS devices installed, to not only increase safety levels but also to improve efficiency and comfort for travelling.

Sophisticated VTS Devices for Taxis from Zuppa IoT Solutions

With deadlines for the implementation of VTS devices in all vehicles in the country approaching soon, all those involved in the public and private transportation industries are frantically searching for manufacturers of VTS devices, who offer devices that are not only packed extensively with features but also budget-friendly. All new registrations of Taxis and Buses will be required to be AIS 140 compliant, having the device installed beginning from the 1st of January, 2019 and all National Permit Trucks from 1/10/2019.

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