A Detailed View of VTS Devices

By: Sree Sai - Dec 09, 2020

A Vehicle Tracking System is a device that not only serves as a traditional GPS device but also offers a host of other benefits. VTS devices also aid the collection and analysis of data on vehicle performance, maintenance, monitoring of the driver’s performance, fuel consumption as well as theft prevention. These are however just the basic functions of a VTS device. A lot of organizations these days, get customized VTS devices offering additional features that cater to their specific requirements.

Types of VTS Devices

Depending on the way in which they function, VTS devices can be categorized into –

Passive VTS Devices

Passive devices function by collecting and saving all crucial data on several parameters of vehicular and driver performance and store the data. The data is then retrieved by the fleet management staff after the vehicles return to their points of origin.

Active VTS Devices

While passive VTS devices store the data that they collect, Active VTS devices relay the data in real-time to the fleet management teams and authorities. Thus, Active VTS devices are more sought after than their Passive counterparts because they relay information in real-time, enabling fleet management staff to act and make decisions quickly in case of emergencies.

The Many Benefits of Installing VTS Devices

 Increased Cost Saving

Better financial management is one of the primary benefits that VTS devices offer fleet management operators and others. Owing to the detailed data on fuel consumption and driver performance (such as over speeding, idling time, vehicle misuse) that VTS devices provide, it is possible to take steps towards eliminating factors that cause an increase of costs.

Availing of Insurance Discounts

Most insurance companies these days offer discounts for vehicles that have VTS devices installed in them. This is because VTS devices provide more transparency, through the critical data that they help collect from the vehicle. This is another way in which the installing of VTS devices can help cut down on costs.

Improved Safety and Security

Avoiding traffic jams and places with harsh weather conditions help in the prevention of accidents occurring. Because of their capability to track a vehicle, VTS devices also prevent theft and misuse of the vehicle by drivers.

Improved Customer Service

By accessing crucial information such as the route, the number of scheduled stops, idling time and estimated times of arrivals, customers of both public and private transport can plan their trips better and also rest assured that they will make it to their destinations on time.

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