Complete Compliance to Clause 11 of CAR 3

  • Secure Two Telemetry system with Control over GSM Network  for regulators with Remote Access 
  • GSM Mobile SMS OTP based activation & Deactivation Ensures Flight Termination capability for Regulator in the Event of Tangible Or Perceived Threat 
  • One way communication to operator without any control on Device , hence Cannot be Spoofed Or Hacked by Operator 
  • Self Powered with 4 Hours Battery Backup in case of Disconnection 



Regulatory Features

  • Independent Device Equipped with Embedded SIM for Over The Air ( OTA ) Communication
  • SMS OTP Based Activation & Deactivation
  • Live Real Time Tracking  anywhere any place globally 
  • Visual Drone Status Colour based Representation 
  • Programmable Live Violation Alerts like 
a) Tamper / Disconnection
b) Geo Fence Breach
c) Altitude Breach
d) Crash&nbsp


Key Talking Points Aeroindia

UAV’s or Drones as we know them have been in the news for all the wrong reasons across a range of scenarios like

  • Disruption of flight operations at Gatwick, Heathrow and more recently at Dubai 
  • Triggering problems at prisons across Europe and USA including aiding prison break in France 
  • Assassination attempts in Venezuela and Yemen 
  • Aiding drug smuggling is Gibraltar 

Are but a few cases that are increasing in their frequency.

Why are they more visible now ? 

The origins of this problem are obvious when one looks at the growth and sheer volume of global drone shipments dominated by the Chinese.Global Drone shipments have grown from 3 million pieces in 2014 to an estimated 13 million in 2018 a 400 % growth in 4 years 

With an estimated total of 40 million drones added to the civilian airspace predominantly by the Chinese the current population density of drones to airliners today stands at anywhere between 700 -1000 drones for every airplane which would have been at around 100 four years back. This population explosion of drones can be attributed to indiscriminate , irresponsible proliferation of this sensitive dual use technology by the Chinese with questionable intent given that they were fully aware of the fact that civilian airspace is regulated and restricted across the globe.India is the beneficiary of an estimated ½ a Million completely Illegal Drones that have found their way into the country through the Grey smuggled Market.

So it’s little  wonder that drones are crossing path with airliners more than before . Over the past couple of years the frequency of drone violation of civilian airspace has increased from a couple of Incidents per year to now a couple of incidents per month and is should become a daily occurrence in 2-3 years time when the population density of drones is projected to double .

Implementation of ZUPPA UTM as a retrofit solution for Existing  Drones in India as the first step in building an effective drone regulation and  an Ecosystem that has a global potential given the existence of the very problem being faced by DGCA in countries across the world .Sree Sai Aerotech Innovations Pvt Ltd (SSAI), better known as ZUPPA, is a completely India grown drone manufacturing company, founded in the year 2008, by a father-son duo, Sai Pattabiram and Venkatesh Sai. 

Recognition of Innovation : 

TANSTIA – FNF Germany’s Innovation voucher program

  • Funded under GOI Innovation Program of Department of Science & Technology TIFAC-SIDBI SRIJAN Innovation 
  • Patent Applied For Unique MADE IN INDIA  Artificial Intelligence ( AI )  Technology 
  • Only Drone Company to manufacture Automobile Industry Standard  AIS 140 Compliant Ministry Of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH ) approved Vehicle Tracking & Locating Device .