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About Us:

5th Generation Technologies are an Electronics layer over currently available Equipment platforms and resources .

This layer is popularly known by various applications like IoT , connected Mobility , ADAS , Drones , 5 G Communications. all of which deal with acquisition , automation , transmission , analysis of Data from just about everything on the planet living and non living . The future is all about Data and automation .

ZUPPA Geo Navigation Technologies Pvt Ltd is a company at the cutting Edge of this revolution .

ZUPPA is at the leading EDGE for 5th Generation technologies by being the only Indian Company controlling the entire value chain at the front end from System Architecture , PCB Design all the way to manufacturing IoT Devices , Drones and Vision based ADAS systems for both Civilian and Defense Applications .

HR Policy : Innovation Encouraged

ZUPPA's HR Policy has been largely been based on recruitment of young engineers and providing them opportunities to grow internally through a process of learning .

One of the key foundations for ZUPPA's growth and its recognition to be among India's most innovative companies has been the " FREEDOM EMPLOYEES ENJOY TO BE INNOVATIVE " . We at ZUPPA Encourage innovation by allowing enough " BANDWIDTH " to experiment even fail at times get back on your feet and learn .

ZUPPA does not penalize employees for making mistakes , In fact we believe that Mistakes are an Essential part of the process for both the employee and the organization to grow .

Another key feature at ZUPPA from the Employees perspective is the largely informal and Flat organization where the promoters have a personal touch with each and every employee where the employees quality of life is taken care of in various ways from Free Meals daily till financial support for medical and personal needs .

These are all key reasons why the average tenure of employees at ZUPPA has been around 4-5 years . Employees who have remained and worked at ZUPPA for a minimum period of 2 years have been recruited by leading technology company's like VESTION , TCS , HCL . American Megatrends to name a few . Their contribution to their new company's have been greatly appreciated by their new employers . In fact some of them have returned back to after a year or two as well .

ZUPPA offers market competitive salaries plus much more in terms of work life balance with flexible working hours .